Further to the tremendous success of ‘GMA Junior Talent Hunt 2013, GMA hereby pleased to introduce another vibrant and charming item during GMA Charity Musical Night on Saturday the 3rd of May 2014, ‘GMA Manka 2014’
Gloucestershire Malayalee Association, GMA aims at preserving and enriching the cultural heritage of the Malayalee community in Gloucestershire. GMA is working among all the Malayalees living in Gloucester and Cheltenham, the two major towns in Gloucestershire County.
The Gloucestershire Malayalee Association was established in July 2002 to provide a venue for Malayalees to interact socially, to promote Malayalee culture and artistic skills and also to provide information and advice for members newly arrived in the country on access to housing, education of children and public services.
It is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political cultural organization working towards the improvement of the social life style of Malayalees living in Gloucestershire.
Our main objective as an Association is to ensure that our children should interact and observe others from their own background and in the process learn, develop and preserve the uniqueness of our culture and traditions. To achieve this goal we have been conducting Indian Classical Dance and Malayalam language classes for our Children.
Apart from our major celebrations like Onam and Christmas which we celebrate in a grand manner, we have been organizing study tour to various places in England, an annual Sports and Barbecue day, Badminton Tournament, Arts Day competition to evaluate and enhance the talents of our members in various fields. Our members contribute to all of these events showcasing their individual talents to enrich our programmes.
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